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The Hawkeye Hustlers Flyball team was founded in May of 1992. We started practicing in the back yard of Canine Corner, in Cedar Rapids. In March of 1993, we ran in our first Flyball tournament, sponsored by the Solid Gold Flyball Express at Minneapolis, Minn. In Oct of 1994, we held our first Flyball tournament at Hawkey Downs motor speedway. We officially set up a set of bylaws in January of 1994.
So the tale of the Hawkeye Hustlers begins.....

In 1993 the Hawkeye Hustlers put on a Flyball demonstration at the Tanager Balloon Festival and in 1994 we put on demonstrations at The All Iowa Fair, Vinton Fun Days, Johnson School in Cedar Rapids, and the Tanager Balloon Festival again. 1995 we did "Rovers Run" at Cedar Rapids, Also a small demo at Ia city, All Iowa Fair, Cedar Rapids. 1996 We did a lot of tournaments! 1997 We did a demo at Davenport, Ia. "Midwest Pet Expo". We gave quite a show for 500 plus people. [2/27/99] We've done a few more Demo's since then -1996-. We got rained out at Kolouch days in Cedar Rapids 1998 We've done the All Iowa Fair, Cedar Rapids 97,98 just haven't jotted em down. Most Notibly we recently performed in a demo 2/21/99, at a SOLD OUT 17,000 in attendance BIG TEN game at Champayne, Illinois. It was during halftime, we got to share the spotlight with a combined team call Hit squad/Hybred Vigor. We both gott 5 minutes of the 15 minutes of halftime entertainment. What a thrill. We planned for close racing between the two teams. One race was so close, the crowd yelled as loud or louder then during any part of the game. It was so cool. At Illinios/Iowa big ten BasketBall Game Sunday February 21st, 1999 We've since gotten to do a demo at the "Globetrotter game at Rockford, Ill., and another Big 10 Basketball game at Iowa city!

Everybody Enjoys it Young and Old. Call us if you need one in your area. Have trailer, can travel!


We are proud of the ribbons and a plaques for our various placings we've received. The first official Iowa tournament we put on was on Oct. 8th and 9th, 1994 in Cedar Rapids, at the Hawkeye Downs Motor Speedway. Our long term goal of putting together more than one team at a tournament came true at Omaha, Neb. this year(1996). We did three! We have another goal of trying to reach Canada with a team for a tournament.

Well we did it, finaly made a Canada (sept 1998). It was a whirlwind trip, wish we had more time up there to enjoy the sites and people. We did get plenty of racing, in fact our little cocker "JJ" got in 87 race heats. Thats alot of running folks!. We got 10 people and 14 dogs into a Mini Home Travel Camper, 4 other people and their vehicles tagged along ( I think.. they didn't think they would fit in the Camper :) ).

Our Team Records:

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WHAT'S IN A NAME:by Judy Hagan---Team Captain Hawkeye Hustlers

As team captain and founder of the Hawkeye Hustlers choosing a name was interesting. When we called our first organizational meeting to see who was interested being in Flyball only one other person and myself showed Up. The one thing that did get established was to name the team. Since Iowa's is considered the Hawkeye State, we saw it fitting that we use that in our team name. Another thing that occurred to us is that we wanted our dogs to hustle (not as in coming but, as the dictionary defines it to exhibit energy and alacrity).

Thus the Hawkeye Hustlers was born(1992). We do have one person on our team that thinks we named our team after the Iowa's football and basketball teams. This doesn't make him too happy since he graduated from Iowa state University which their teams are called Cyclones and are the state rivals of the Hawkeyes. But he has learned to live with it. We all enjoy Flyball and have found some of the other Flyball team names very interesting too.

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Flyball Practice Information: With our new Building we can offer 2 nights of practice- Indivually taylored classes for begginners.

Currently we practice Sundays and Tuesday
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Contact Information:

Judy Hagan / Jim Sova
(319) 929-1529/1513
1890 Cottage Grove Pkwy
Marion, Iowa 52302

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