"The SpringBack Hybred"!
The Next Generation Flyball Box
Designed {1995} and Manufactured by, Jim Sova, 1st Working model in a tournament {1996}
Meets and exceeds all NAFAŽ and Now U-FLIŽ box specifications!
Limited supply. Some Annodized Colors and non-annodized available in stock, ready to assemble:

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Flyball Box"
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Springback developement
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Hybred5(Old pic, new one coming soon)
Total basic unit weight is approximity 32lbs.

Preface: The SpringBack

My goal is to have the Strongest, Lightest, Best performer, Least maintenance, True flight, Error free Box, and adaptable to future modifications!

"A box has to be heavy in order for it not to move on the matt"!
THIS is a myth, and its busted! In fact, I did/beleived that back in 1996! "OL" Bertha, the first box I made, was able to show me this "Myth" with a 'SpringBack'. Alot of things I did back then was overkill. (see "1st Springback" 1996Pics)
Excess weight is just not needed on a "Springback"!

  • Excess weight equals, excess costs!

    Understanding of how force effects an object it hits, is designed into the unit. The spring action drives the force of a dog down into the base. "Acts as if glued to matt" ("this is boxloader comments!"). Ask yourself Where does all that impact go on a stationary box? I want to take that energy and utilize it, while protecting the dogs joints, and prolonging a dogs carreer in flyball..

    14+ years have gone by, and I am very flattered by the attempts of box builders, to lighten boxes up, by cutting holes in sides, adding springs for the shock asorbsion "when dog hit the box impact" effect, reinforcement of there boxes with allum, ext..
    The strenght of a box, by thickness of material, pound for pound, alluminum is stronger then any plastic or wood!
    The pin ball method of shooting out the ball is much more accurate, and many, if not all, box builders have now gone this way.
    Mechanism are now made out of stainless steel instead of the brass and bronze catches of yesteryear. Stainless steel hardware is ever more present throughout a box in flyball. Internal workings of a box, bracing/ now made with High grade allum (which is T6 aircraft allum btw). All these things plus experiance, I allready have incorporated into the design, of the "SpringBack", way back in 1995.

    I beleive the "Flyball boxes of tommorrow" have to be able to change. Everybody has there idea what is right slope angle, ball placement ect...
    The flyball box of the future, is the one that will be able to change and adapt as a team changes or wants, or needs to. And I garrentee that boxes will change, as world records have proved this. Remember, when the first world record was set with a two holer box. 90% of teams then had a one holer Everyone had to have a two holer, It was the shortcut to a record team......or so they thought....

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    Why A "SpringBack Flyball Box"?

    The idea's behind it!

    1. Theraputic
      • To alleveate and eliminate sore shoulders, from the Impact of the reversal of direction , at the box.
      • To allow for the fatige factor on long tournament days.
    2. Speed
      • To assist in the return run by using KINETIC energy.
      • Takes the dogs impact at the box. Stores that energy into the springs. Returns the energy back to the dog, to assist in the return!
      • Less energy used to return to top speed after the turn.
      • Documented film of faster turns (7-10 frames) then the top team (theirs 13-15 frames) in the country! No bragg, just fact. Several dogs out there can get sub 4 seconds on a "SpringBack". Bordering on Insanity has gotten a 3.7 with there height dog. . Our dog Sin does 3.9 consistantly over tens. We have 2 other dogs that does 3.9-4.0's but it is a team effort to get that record. {Ours is now 15.623! 9/13/09}
        Sub 4 sec dogs do take training. The SpringBack flyball box is only part of the big equation.
    3. Accuracy and Lightness and Strenght
      • Machined with CNC (computer numericly controlled) accuracy and repeatabilty. Parts are blueprinted.
      • Allmost all componets are made out of Machined Aircraft Aluminum!
      • Lightness (built to be the lightest box on the circiut)
      • A ball unit weighs only 9 ounces
      • For longevity (built for long lasting wear)
      • Designed to make it customer freindly, and for individual customzation- can make as many ball holes of differant sizes on the front plate as you want, and where you want them.
    4. The Ball Delivery System
      • Is Designed/Machined for "True Flight"!
      • Is Designed/Machined for "independant adjustment/flight of the ball"!
      • Based on the "old Pin Ball machine" concept. Plunger Disc goes straight back!
      • The ball hole is machined to a perfect circumferance. No Man made imperfections! This assists( I haven't found a way yet to make all boxloaders load the same) in exact placement of the ball in the hole every time. So it will take the same flight path, time, and time, and time again!
      • The Ball pusher is a flat disc, It pushes on the most outward circumferance projection of the ball (no matter what size)! If you ever measured a tennis ball, or noticed a the number on it, this is the size of the large balls. They can vary in size more than a 1/4 inch. Making it impossible to fit a hole to "a" tennis ball perfectly
      • Instills confidance for the dog!
    5. Dissassembly for packing
      • Can come apart if needed, for transport, in 2 peieces. Some examples; For In a car, or shipping.
    6. Made for Dual Purpose:
      • Designed with outside use in mind, as well as indoors!
      • Designed to make it a solid box, if so desired
    7. Designed for Stability and Staying power
      • It can almost stay in place by itself.
      • with assistance of a wood base platform, two bricks and a 80lb bag of sand, can pactice with out a box loader
      • When stacked down outside, can pactice with out a box loader also;
      • Designed to take the weight down into the base!
      • Assembled with Stainless steel 18-4 hardware.
    8. Can Be Cleaned and Disenfected !
      • It can be cleaned with very hot water and disinfectant.
      • Won't rot like wood.
      • Just needs grease afterwards on the ball unit moving parts, and oil spray.
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    How It Works

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