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Development Summery:

Designed in 1995
We have been using the original since, April 1996. [ERROR FREE].

It, (we call it big bertha (the 1st prototype), cause it is was heavy) still attends tournaments, practices, and, I just got done replacing the front face pad (11/26/1998).

The "SpringBack" prototype II , (the 2nd box), is built! I named it "Version Two".
Completion was in May, 1997 with some slight modifications from the 1st concept to futher reduced weight and eliminate unnecessary components. It is approx 12 lbs lighter than the 1st proto type. This one weighs in at, approx 36 lbs and there is still more I could take off on the production run.I am starting to "mass produce," but it is in the infant stages. Please bear with me as I get all the details worked out.

In the beginning with the two proto types, there was 8 parts! Now there are only 4 individual parts!

I have reduced in areas where I had it too beefy and using any unnecessary components. I have found, I could use 1/4 inch for base plate, instead of the 3/8 inch plate that is on the two proto-types. The weight looks to be around 37 lbs. The trigger componets in the past has been hand fit. I am trying to work out a more realiable assembly. But until then, each piece in the "trigger action" must be hand fit. This includes the type of springs used on the lid. (Remember this is a seperate action from the "main springs" on the base for the box body)

In 1997 I made lighter copies of the Version 2, they were named "Series one".

Retired big bertha (because of weight) to the the "two hole" beta project 7/2000.

In 2000 I made the two hole series, I named it "Series Two".

In 2002 after I got my CNC I was able to modify parts to make lighter
The New name "Modified Series Two".
Anodizing of parts came soon after. The SpringBack sports Color.

2004-have formed ideas and methods for doing things Started on a new Box Idea.
The New name "SpringBack-Hybred".

feb 2006-The SpringBack Hybred is born. Have moved the Main Springs back behind where the boxloader stands to reduce/eleminate the bow I've seen. Have determined the best brace for base is straight back not the angle on braces I've had on the past bases. have determined the 54 deg slope, although wonderful for some dogs, cannot be comprehended and taught to all dogs/ + trainers. I've brought assembly and machining time down and able to reduced all costs including annodizing to customer.

dec 2006- was able to add a bend in the top of ball plate with a new machine

Sept 2010- The "New Alpha Thrusters"born.. Heat treated triggers, Heat treated trigger collars are reborn and now in the "Hybreds" ball units.

Con't. reading/ more in detail depth articles in the Development newssection below.



Development news


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11/97--I have started and finished all, 10 production box units.
I am calling them the "SpringBack Series I" !

4/98--I have started on a two hole Version. It uses basicly the same components of the "Series I". I beleive I have all prints made for the "Series I" for Farming out. I still have a few prints I must modify for the Two hole Version. I'm am working on a timly delivery of this product to the customer. It is a big project to undertake. It is cheaper for all of us, to make as many parts as possible. Setups are the biggest cost in the Machine shop. Specialy for the NC machines.

Sept/October, 98--My base of operations has moved to my present location in Marion, Iowa. Machines to be located in one central shop location now. (reasons; besides moving, Judy kicked my drill press out of kitchen. :) We are both are much happier. Shop size 20 x 54.

10/98--Equipment and Some machines moved in, and I got Heat. Killer bench made. Search for horizontal saw has begun.

7/00--Retirement of "Big Bertha"- she goes on to the next stage of developement. Refitting to the two hole and going to go thru the annodizing process......

8/2/00--Because they cost alot, people shy away. Consequentially I got discouraged and kinda stopped producing them temparary. Life kinda got in the way too. But, I have started the two hole version again. So the project is not dead, just temparary halted. Warrantee is just about lifetime, now up to 5 years, except pad on face and the stuff on bottom of box. Seems to be the only thing that wears. Heck, people have taken em to a car wash, to wash.

9/24/00--[Series 2] The two hole proto-type comes off the clamps tommorrow. I don't like where the cocking handles are at present, but the team wants a two hole box yesterday and I had a little time yesterday to put her together. Test comes at practice 9/25/2000.

9/25/00--Test is great. Box is evan quieter with a modification on the guide pin, 2nd box done on the 27th

10/1/00--Plans to do more, are in the works. Costs are still to high. Need machines to start cutting down cost to customers.

12/20/00 --Things are starting to pick up. Purchased a 1hp, 5 speed, 3/4 inch blade, cylinder 'down' controled, coolant flow, horizontal bandsaw.

12/22/00--Got material to start 20 ball units to saw up, and then farmed out the machine work.

01/11/01--Outside machine work completed on 20 ball units. Ouch the bill is way to much. One day I will make money. One happy thought, boxes are almost indestructable. They'll out live me.

07/20/01--Purchasing material to put 5 base and body units thru. Also have plans for one box (big Bertha) to go thru the anodizing process to see how much that cost..ie.. will be able to color box red, blue, or gold...

07/21/01--Modifying the box body axle Bearing holder to a simpler, less costly design.

08/01/01--Some Machine parts done, waiting on Side plates and other misc. pcs.

08/09/01--The long search for a milling Machine has ended. Have selected/ordered a 'Haas' "Tool Room CNC Mill". New Haas product, they just hit the salemans floor on Aug 1, 2001 ct 40 spindle taper, 7.5hp, 4000 rpm, Table full movements 30" on the X, 12 inches on the y, 15 inches on the z, 200 IPM, single phase 220V, and a 10 station auto 'tool' changer. Expected delivery; 1st week of Oct.... Machine has a TEXT writing program- ie... Engraving.... Will be able to individualize each box. Other Jobs I could do is endless..... I can do more weight removal on the boxes... Now to get the shop ready. This machine should pay for itself in say, 20+ years.

08/19/01--Farmed out Side plates done, Ouch the bill is way to much. Unreal

08/24/01--Poured Cement ...Got the shop floor leval with itself...used to be a Hog farrowing house.... Had a 4 foot wide trough running down the middle to scrape waste to...filled it...

08/25/01--purchased the air supply unit, A Sears Craftman professional 2 stage oilless, 7hp, 220v, 15 amp, single phase, 60gal tank, 175psi

09/1/01--Shop has a new plumb line for air. :) for Mill machine tool changer and extra lines off it, Now on to the new electric line for mill, and the 4x4 hole in ceiling, to extend ceiling up over CNC machine 2 foot.

09/18/01--The CNC Vertical Mill arrived.....Final check off from distributor to be done 9/19/01. I can start the long road of getting familar with it and entering programing and documenting setups.....

01/14/02--Programs starting to be inputed and Jobs being done. So next time a previous job comes up, it will be a breeeze to make the parts. The sides have a new look and is making the box 24 ounces lighter evan with the stiffeners.

02/08/02--Got all the nessary parts needed to do about 4 -2 hole boxes completed. This is the first box to be done, that has some more modifications for strenght and lightness. All modifications are not yet done that I could do yet. Can't wait to see how much she weighs and looks like all together. Searching for the shop to do the 1st annodized one. Color selected is Blue.

02/20/02--Found out ANNODIZED parts should be done this Friday.(Did parts for 1 box), and shop is around an hour drive one way.

02/26/02--Assembled Blue Anodized Box looks great. Had to forgo a couple of parts getting annodized such as the lid/pedal (it gets covered by the Pad anyway, looks kind of neat with the contrast)- Box is sporting the lastest of some of the parts I was able to Lighten. Hope to get Pictures up soon. After 5 years I finally have a documented list of 'everything' that goes into a SpringBack!

03/01/02--Starting to work on the base and the modifications to that now. Looks to be like I'll be trimming lbs from that piece too. Still not done with other modifications--- Ball unit has a pound or two, to lighten up on yet too. Will catch em as I come to em

03/11/02--"Series 2 modified" so far to date with the Blue Annodizing weighs in at 32Lbs.

08/18/02--Getting closer to machining all parts being made by me. The Base's is now in my hands to do. Starting the process of doing it on my machine from scratch. The milling table will have to be altered, to accomodate the large base pc. and be able to do half and mirror image it and do other half.

08/18/03-- Still busy during this summer with our new team flyball building on site. Newest part, the Base to be included in the "Modified Series II" SpringBack parts family", starting to come about. The plan here is to machine it for more strenght while reduceing the current weight of this part (Goal is 50% lighter). Right now the base weighs in around 7lbs. When done, I don't expect it to look the same as the base of past. NAfA has a proposal out to make boxes wider. So, I am waiting for outcome.

08/23/02--New machinery addition to my shop; an old (1950's?) 'Clausing' 12" x 36", single point, 110v, lathe. With this additon I'll be able to do my sencondary operations on some of the parts that need lathe work. I just have to figure out how to move it into shop. It's pretty heavy, I can hoist it off truck but, I need to move it once its on ground. So it will be a few days while I develope a plan before lathe is operational.

12/1/03--After getting the lathe in place, I hooked the coolant aux pump up for the CNC Milling machine. Sheilding for this was fabricated, and installed. No more Fog from the mister in the air....

12/20/03--The New Base of a SpringBack is currently revised. I am now doing that completely at my shop. Takes three operations. It sports a newer more hi tech look, although still 7lbs, the parts that attach to base are a little lighter and still as strong. Maybe down the road, I'll take a further look at how much of what I did now, could be changed/lightened up later. Now offering along with your order, Free team name engraving. Parts availability hit me recently. Found some minor parts I haven't done in my shop before, which held up progress on the base. I am working at trying to take care of orders and building up inventory. I'm coming upon where everything is going to stop real soon, as I will make the ball Unit complete, from a solid piece of material for the first time, and at my shop. I am hoping to reduce weight by quite a bit on this part. I may finally get under the magic #30lbs mark.

2/6/04--This is the month I 'start'(selection of "puter notebook') on my project of doing the Ball unit. My inventory of this part is just about depleted. I will soon have to take on a waiting list, which might take awhile to fill (compared to other parts, 'ease of making' when my inventory is low). Until this part is documented in all its steps, setups, tooling and programs, etc... it will be a bear to do.. The "new" computer to be able to handle the cad cam programing software. My current 'old puter just isn't big enough to handle the cad cam funtions, I will need. I don't want to take a month of sundays hand typing these programs (ball unit will take several steps and setups) for this machining step either. Hence the 'new software'. The new software will be an asset to the capabilities of my machine shop, and your support if needed. It will further the designs, and possibly give me other options too...

2/10/04--The handles are now modified, here I was able to make 2 handles weigh what one used to weigh.
Little by little, I am catching parts as I come to em... The lid/pedal weighs 7lbs. Now there's A piece I can get some weight off....

3/31/05--Well A little whiles back I've decide to design a totaly new Box. Project name, The "SpringBack Hybred".
Under developement. 50% completed, coming soon (I hope).
Some changes are ..........:)

7/23/05--I now have air conditioning in my shop. Yeah! It's been pretty hot in my shop and determental to working out there. The ball unit is starting to come together for The "SpringBack Hybred".

7/30/05--One proto type ball unit is almost done complete, Weighs in at approx 1 lbs. This will be a consistant uniform unit, for delivery of any size ball. The Ball Spacer and ball disc and front plate will the only parts altered for size and placement of the hole.

8/1/05-- Still waiting on Material to do the differant size discs. In comparison, it is 50% lighter then my previous Ball unit On the Modified SpringBack. Where two ball units weighed 4lbs together A person can now have 4 units and not change the weight. The 1st 4 trigger are off to get E-nickoled (a hard chrome like substance that goes on alum, just as hard as hard anodizing but slippery-er). The box Body prototype is being redone again. I found a way to use very little metal on the base. By using a raised wood platform V that Transfers your weight to the front of the box. All the metal in the middle is eliminated. This V is very useful in the lift that came into effect when a boxloader didn't stand in the right spot. In essence a boxloader will be able to stand where they are most comfortable and their weight is still tranfered to the very front of the box.

8/23/05-- Things are getting closer. I have 4 ball units assembled and attached to a front plate. I removed some excess material on the ball plates so I can fit a unit closer to each other. This made the total weight of a ball unit closer to .75 of a pound...or four units weigh just 3 1/2 lbs. It appears that the shaft will also be a differant lenght for the small ball units. The small ball is separated from the large ball on how far out you want it to go. It propels the balls nicely. :). Adjustment of a ball unit is now available and not to hard to do. I have the metal now to start on the base which will attach the frame work for the box body.

8/28/05-- I have a new stock base completed. The rough weight seems the same as the other bases at this time. I could probly machine some material here, but at this time the basic base is done. I am at the next and final step, the Box frame. The box frame work is going to take some work. I have to map(blue print)it all out. Looks like alot of trig work, and trial fitting coming up.

12/30/05-- The New Hybred is together and is in the testing stage. 1st comments are in, its much quieter, dogs take to it easier for a swimmers turn. While the 1st prototype is satifactory, I am making a couple of changes for manafacturing purposes.

2/3/06-- Got a new sanding maching :) 9" disc/ 6 x 48 belt combo...much easier to sand those corners radiuses

2/24/06--Well the new "Hybred" has been to two tournaments and it performed wonderfully, now if the handlers could perform as flawlesly :) I started out having a wood platform to stand on, but, have really found for all practical purposes its not needed. Pictures are coming soon and I'll be changing the Comercial website. I am really pleased with this new box. There is less "big peices" to purchase, machine, and assemble. I am able to pass on this cost savings and the annodizing cast savings to the people who buy it. The ability to change is easier and I am now offering to put the ball hole anywhere the customer wants it and as many ball holes as they want. The unit has the ability to morph into a solid box if that is what a customer wants. It is hard to describe how well this box stays in place. Its like glue. It only weighs in around 32lbs. Ball units are independently adjustable and weigh in around 9.4 oz each. 4 units weigh less then 4lbs. Parts for 10 "beta" units made. Annodize shop has taken from as little as 3 days to 2 weeks so far. Starting on another sold unit to build, and shipping two this weekend to Canada. Thinking about the 1st major production run.

3/25/06--The first "Hybred" boxes produced had a 44 degree slope on the front lid/pedal. After veiwing video, it was determined that a more vertical angle might be needed. I took the "Hybred" proto type and modified it to 49 degree. The original "SpringBack" was 53 degree. Some felt this was too steep. This modification was a simple one. I just had to mill the lid to lenght and redo the hindge holes and the lid trip bar holes. Since the programs was already made it was very simple to add the holes back on the lid. The front ball plate angles had holes on the frame already, and it was a simple matter to change the bolts from one hole to the another. I think it took a little less then three hours to modify this permanent change on this lid. Later on, plans are to make it so a customer can change the lid slope themselves. By just removing 4 bolts on the frame repositioning, and then removing a section of the lid (number of bolts and reinforcement bar to be determined later), and then moving it to the desired slope position.

4/2/06-- With a slight modification addition of a few tapped holes on the main bar, I can offer the Ball face plate to be able to tilt between one to two inches at what a customer feels works best for them. AND THIS change can be done by the customer by moveing two bolts with the 49 degree lid option. The move to the 49 degree makes the ball face plate 2 inch from vetical to 1 inch from vertical, some might feel this is to much, and want to have more slope on the ball face.

11/16/06-- All of the first ten "beta" Hybreds have been sold. Had a problem with UPS shippers durring this lot, (had a box dropped damaged/ had to be returned and fixed). I have changed shipping to Fed Ex. Also one customer actual broke a box. Location point was on the the two uprights angles (they are connected to the ball face). This was found out on the test of time, no other boxes have reported that problem. The flexing of the angle and the hole that was drilled so it could be a right or left pc made for a weak spot. Minute fractures developed until they were large enough to crack it. A brace has been added at this spot to give strengh and ridgedity to this upright. Also along the test of time, I have found the set collars are not the highest of quality and some irregularities have been found. Now that I know about it, I can inspect each one as they are assembled in the ball unit. Looking at doing a run of 20 now.

12/16/06-- A new item was added to the shop capabilities. A 40 ton press with a die capable of bending 1/4 inch alum.
With the angling back of the front ball plate, I can now add more height(1 inch). This added 1 inch gets bent, which also adds alot more strenght to the whole front ball plate piece By angleing the top portion of this plate it assist some dogs, that place there paws up there. I will also find more uses for the press, such as bending the trip bar, accurately ect...

4/7/07-- Engraving has now improved. Have taken to doing a dye type black paint in the lettering and adding laser flag decal.Looks sharp.

7/20/07-- A new item was added to shop capabilities It is called a harding head 5c collet holder. I am now able to mill a couple of differant pieces using differant collets. Mainly it was purchased for doing the Set collars. What a world of differance.

8/10/07--I am doing a new stlye trip action- Bending of the trip bar is really not the way to go. It can make for a weak point in the "Hybred" models. What I did was-added a 2x4 tube section with the trip bar unbent attach to the top of it.

10/25/07--With the new piece of equipment (see 7/20/07) I am doing the set collars with a radius. This provides for a much smoother "trip" on the edge of the trigger. Should be no wear on the edge any more. Hybred Models previous to this are experiancing some premature wear on the edge (our teams boxes lasted One and a half years before I had to replace em). It's an easy fix for me to do, but it was a weak point.
On another note; the tube used in the trip area(see 8/10/07) I am putting a pc of foam in it, to really deaden any noise when it gets cocked. I really am pleased with the performance of these latest updates and overall reliability. Starting to think about thin plastic side plates, how to attacht, decals/colors, specials designs, advertisement ect...


09/01/10-- I started doing heat treated steel triggers for the Hybreds, "hard anodized" coating with the "ordered" collars used on the triggers just not holding up "in the test of time". Like they were supposed to. Went back to the heated treating processes. The discontinuied old "SpringBacks" with heat treated triggers, still work today. It takes more time to machine and is more costly all around though, and I will have to start charging for this expense in the ball units.

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MOST CURRENT NEWS FLASHES If you have news about a springback I can document it here. Such as breaking the speed record for a Springback. Just email me Jim Sova

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, ---
15.551--Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Heat treated triggers + collars come to the "Hybreds"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 15.607--Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 15.623-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 15.917-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack,--- 16.101-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.13-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole"

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.220-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole" 2006 Beta Design

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.248-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole" 2006 Beta Design

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.280-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole" 2006 Beta Design

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.460 - 16.388 16.380-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole" 2006 Beta Design
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Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack, --- 16.464-- Hawkeye Hustlers on the New "SpringBack Hybred 4 hole" 2006 Beta Design

New 40 ton Press added to shop capabilties

Documented New Speed Record for a SpringBack,--- 16.92-- Hawkeye Hustlers on a SpringBack 2-hole box(older discontioned stlye)

SpringBack Introduced to England

Documented Iowa Speed Record broken, --- 17.29-- Hawkeye Hustlers on a 2-hole box

Documented Iowa Speed Record broken, --- 17.36-- Hawkeye Hustlers on a SpringBack 2-hole box

Boxes getting lighter and gets an annodized, more sleeker look to them.

Documented Iowa Speed Record broken, --- 17.42-- Hawkeye Hustlers on a SpringBack 2-hole box

The CNC Vertical Mill arrived.---see latest news 09/18/01 above

The long search for a milling Machine has ended.---see latest news 08/09/01 above

Warrantee Extended from 3 years to 5 years~ boxes are just indestructable and are modifyable.

October, 1997
Rocket Paws sets a New southwest coast record of 2 sub 18 second times with a "SpringBack" In October, 1997. One at 17.82, and the other a shade slower. As of that date, a sub 18sec time had never been done before, ever, out on the southwest coast. Congratulations to them.

--- After being to an outside Tournament, a stake has been develope to secure the box in place. (if needed for Large fast dogs) with small/light weight box loaders.
It was so secure (I was box loading) that I would load box
and step off box base. I did this during a race, for two heats and it held! Now you don't actually have to be off the box, but, just think, evan a young adult could be a box loader...
The dog hitting the box was Bryson, a 85lbs Maliniase with 4.4 speed and the other dogs on the team were Dobie's............
The box design helps drive the weight into ground, it was a great discovery. Thanks to the Lickety Splits Flyball team for allowing me to test it this way.
Other teams that were there and using their SpringBack, exhibited no movement and with out staking too (they didn't have the large dogs that Lickety Splits Flyball team had)!

(1997) Sorry but the original 10 UNITS are Sold Out!

It will take some time to start the next series.
I am at the stage now where I am gathering all my data and will organize it and take it to machines shops for bids.
As the ten units were more then I bargained for, I just cannot find enough time to do it. People want their product, and deserve it, in a timely manner.
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Dollar for dollar, I beleive "The SpringBack" is the best value for your money

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