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Summer of 2002
The Birth
New addition added

This page is dedicated to remembering the tasks involved, the work entailed, the committment put forth in the erection of our teams practice building during the summer of 2002.

The first practice in our new building was held in October of 2002.

For 10 years we had hauled matts for every practice for the team, (for seven years, we drove from Olin, thats 36 miles plus one way, but not anymore)! Here is the story, complete with pics, to preserve a little bit of our history. You might find it an interesting read.

I also had a hand in almost everything that was done, from start to finish. But, I didn't do it all myself. Here is a list of people, and there tasks they took on.

Summer of 2002-The beginning

- The start of the project was with an old 30' x 80' hog finishing building. It had old styrofoam insulation sheets in the ceiling, hydrants in the floor, and old wiring throughout. Some side wood was rotton, and over 1/3 of the roof was gone. The First job was the Metal roofing was repaired and the Old building was opened up. Trying to locate a pic of that.

Preparation-before the start

- An Alternate title- "The Mess"

A shot of the job ahead. 30 X 80= 2400 sq feet of Styrofoam 2x 8 sheets, that had to be knocked down and picked up. Covered in old smelly hog dust, raccoon feces, bird nests and a few mouse nests. This had to come off, and down. Some nests were still inhabited that we had to contend with. A few sparrows were not quite sure about there eviction and tried to move back in. I had a small funeral for the dried up raccoon I found. To this day, I still don't know why there was an old rusty broken axe head in the ceiling area. But, I have a good theory about it.

Preparation-we've only just begun!

It took a number of days to get it all cleaned up. the bagging process

another veiw of the baggin.

Wouldn't you know it, it took over 130 bags by the time we were finished, to clear out the mess.....
Hey the bags were on sale, What can I say. :)


The birth of the teams new building

Some additional prepping....

I must first tell about the cement work that was done before the shell was erected.

Pouring of cement; It was determined, because, of the nearness of Hwy 13, the old ceiling interior height, that it would be easier for the cement truck to manuver around the posts before the framework was up, for the cement.

Hydrants, old rusty pipes, electric lines in pipes(coming out of the floor) and water drinkers lines were removed. Along with a few (9) wood posts, that were cemented in the floor for pens.

The old floor portion had a slope on the floor,(for manure runnoff), and we had to make that leval. There was 8 inches required of cement on one side, and it was sloped to give enough fill on the other side, without being thin.

We had to remove a portion of the old cement pad on the south east side where a frame corner post had to go, on the new addition. This just happen to be at the old foundation edge of the outside runs, that was approximatly 3 plus feet deep. And add a snafoo of a water line on the south side that had to be removed for good measure, before the cement was poured in the new section was poured.


Addition added-we've only just begun!

The frame shell is up

New addition 40x40, with the old section

The new addition is up and up is from floor to peak about 22.5 feet (the coupala adds another 7 feet to that). On the south end side, it sticks out(overhangs) about 5 feet and peaked. Imagine hanging out putting shingles on it. I was there.

Putting the rafters on, is a story in itself. Delivered to the site when nobody was there, they were kinda put out of the way. Like 350 feet.... When Coonrod came with the crane, we had gotton them all moved, and stacked real nice by the building, on the south side.

My ole rusty Toyota pickup came in handy for that job. I connected out riggers on my truck and rested the rafters on em.

I Screwed a 2x4 on the front bumper and used sissor clamps and a 2x4 on the back bumper. So one by one, we moved 21 tall rafters in like 40 minutes, with 4 people. 2 were on each end, and one was in the bed of the pickup, holding it from floping, and I was the driver. Everybody thought my idea was the greatest, cause no one knew how we could possible move these huge rafters, to where they needed to go without problems. Rafters were like 40x12...and not very stable.

The south wall of the old building, where the new addition attached, was removed. A beam was installed, that spanned the full lenght, to take the roof load, and to join the two buildings as one. The beam was like 30'L x 15"H x3" thick and laminated. You can see one of them we used in the pic above.


Siding was installed

to protect the frame from the elements. Small note# the two garage doors were added at this time- No pics Siding starting to be added;
Looking south

Siding starting to be added; Looking east

Check out that Coupala (now how did we get that up there)? Coupala was constructed on the ground.

Painting-we've only just begun!

We did painting the Old fashion way. With a paint brush. Primed 1 coat oil base, and Painted again with color.
Siding starting to be painted; Looking east

Some more painting.

Some more painting. Looking south


Outside Finnishing!

Its actualy starting to look like something

The old portion had some issuies to be worked on, so when the new addition was basicly completed, we started on the old.

A shot from the south looking North

I didn't quite keep up with my mowing chores that summer.
Index More pics comeing later

Credits for the differant stages on the construction

Head Carpenters

  • Orin OkKen-
  • Dave Okken-
  • Concrete

  • Orin OkKen-
  • Dave Okken-
  • Coupala construction

  • Dave Okken-
  • Soffit

  • Orin OkKen-
  • Dave Okken-
  • Roofing

  • Orin OkKen-
  • Dave Okken-
  • Myatt Wyatt
  • Pete Drahos
  • Siding

  • Orin OkKen-
  • Dave Okken-
  • Myatt Wyatt
  • Mike Colby
  • Painting

  • Annie Taylor
  • Judy Hagan
  • Terry Ryan
  • Barb Wyatt
  • Clean up 'The Mess' Crew

  • Judy Hagan
  • Annie Taylor
  • Mike Colby
  • Penny Colby
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